Animal Farm cover
Animal Farm
Hardback Edition Book Jacket
(with guidelines for folds)

Pig from Animal Farm character design Animal Farm Book Cover redesign for both a special edition Hardback Book Jacket and an alternative Paperback version.

I wanted to give the Animal Farm book cover a more edgy and modern look.  The book is often read in senior school with young adults and I wanted the cover to be eye catching and appealing to them too.  I used red on the covers to hint at the communist events during the Stalin era before the Second World War which the book reflects.

The pig characters I designed to look slightly crazed, like dictators and not the friendliest of farmland animals.

Animal Farm hardback covers
Hardback Cover

              Animal Farm Hardback front cover
              Hardback Front Cover

Corners fold of hardback Animal Farm cover Hardback Edition of Animal Farm back cover
Hardback Edition Book Jacket   Hardback Edition Back Cover

Animal Farm ink inset George Orwell ink inset animal farm
Animal Farm ink inset pages  

                                                         Cruel Pig

                                      Animal Farm character design

                    Evil Pig from Animal Farm

Paperback Animal Farm Cover
Paperback Book Cover

Paperback Animal Farm front cover Animal Farm back cover Paperback
Paperback Front Cover Paperback Back Cover

Paperback Animal Farm
Paperback Cover

All animals are equal...

             ...but some are more equal than others.  Dog from animal farm illustration

Animal Farm book cover spines
                 Hardback and Paperback spines

                   Animal Farm pig promo

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