Lord of the Flies book cover by Helen Nowell
Lord of the Flies

Jack from Lord of the Flies looking right
When developing the look of the characters I wanted to make sure they were as true to the book as possible.

Jack was described as being' tall, thin and bony' with red hair and freckles. When Jack paints his face he has one cheek and one eye socket in white, red clay over the other side of his face and slashed black clay from his ear to his jaw - so I tried to reflect this in his design.

                     coloured child for Lord of the flies

On the cover I wanted to convey the seriousness of Jack's character. I also wanted to hint at his aggressive and confrontational nature which is why, on the cover, Jack meets the viewer's gaze head on.

Inside the front cover
Inside the Front Cover of the Hardback Edition

                  Lord of the Flies book cover hardback
                  Hardback Front Cover

Inside the backcover of Lord of the Flies
Inside the Back Cover of the Hardback Edition

Bottom of page non tribal inside of Lord of the flies hard back book cover Tribal bottom of page inside of back lord of the flies back cover
The designs of both the inside of the Front and Back Covers

The idea of the design was to show the change the young boys go through from the start to the end of the book.

back page with glasses lord of the flies
Ink Inset pages

Both the conch and Piggy's glasses seem to reflect the notion of civilisation and it's destruction - as the conch (which helped to bring about order at the start of the book) becomes ignored and Piggy's glasses get brocken and finally stolen. As both the conch and Piggy's glasses seem to be key objects I wanted to feature them within the designs.

conch and glasses

character designs for Lord of the Flies

When reading Lord of the Flies I found it easy to forget just how young the boys were until right at the end
of the book.  In my character designs I wanted them to look young which makes the things they do all the
more shocking.

       Hollaring character
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